Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Source Code

Summary:  Source code is about this US Army Helicopter pilot (Colter Stevens) whose last memory is flying this helicopter over Afghanistan.  He has wakes up in this person’s body in a train in Chicago then the train explodes and he wake up in a pod. He is instructed to go back and find out who the bomber is.
Jake Gyllenhaal, - Colter Stevens
Michelle Monaghan – Christina Warren
Vera Farmiga – Collen Goodwin
Jeffrey Wright – Dr. Rutledge
Russell Peters – Max Denoff
My Thoughts:  Source code was a decent movie. It is supposed to be some kind of science fiction/ detective type of movie. I didn’t have that much faith in this movie but I watched It anyway. The acting in this movie was good. I liked Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance and his chemistry with Michelle Monaghan.  Now this movie is about Colter Stevens  and he is in this pod that sends him into this train that is about to blow up, however he only has 8 minutes before  he is sent back to his original body.  Because of that this movie starts to repeat its self, a lot. I honestly could of taken a nap and wouldn’t miss much. What bothered me the most was the ending. I thought it was going on way. I won’t spoil this too much but it involves a freeze frame type of thing. It honestly made me sad and I thought it was great way to end it. But nope. They had to have some kind of Hollywood ending.  Over all the movie is good, not great but good.

Pros:  The acting was good, it was visually appealing, it has Russell Peters.
Cons:  Repeats its self a lot.
Verdict:  Rental. 


  1. Its sounds like Groundhog Day without the comedy (and with lots of explosions)!

  2. Sounds interesting. I like Gyllenhaal, so I might pick this up.

    A good, basically unheard of (recent) movie is 11:14, has a lot of the frame-by-frame / repeats, but it's dark/funny - really good. You should check it out!